Multi-home developments

Winsley White Ltd have successfully carried out a number of multi-home developments for both the rental and shared ownership market.

Winsley White Ltd has historically specialised in housing developments of affordable homes for housing associations. The schemes which are in direct response to a housing needs survey serve to provide homes to allow people with a local connection to remain in the community in which they have grown up.

These schemes are built to a strict specification and comply with other guidance leading to a home that can be adapted to the changing needs of the occupants (lifetime homes), are innately secure (secure by design) and comply with all of the latest environmental standards.

Winsley White Ltd plan and oversee all works associated with the developments from conception to completion.

what we do

3 Affordable Homes, Saxon Close, Westbury (LABC AWARD NOMINATED)

Working with Stonewater and Wiltshire Council this scheme provided three detached dwellings within an existing community on land that had become unused.

On three challenging sites Winsley White built these homes to a high specification and all were pleased with the outcome.

As part of this development neighbouring properties were provided with new and much needed parking spaces.

30 Affordable Homes Evercreech (LABC AWARD NOMINATED)

Following identification of a need for affordable housing in Evercreech, Winsley White Ltd worked in partnership with Stonewater and Mendip District Council to deliver a scheme of 30 affordable homes with a mix on tenures.

On this scheme Winsley White Ltd and the local parish council worked closely with the neighbouring Primary School. The school children held a balot to name the road (Chestnut Lane) and Winsley White Ltd were able to carry out a talk within the school and then invite the children to visit the site. Oak Class visited the site and had an enormous range of questions to ask the on site team.

The 30 Homes were timber frame and clad in a reconstructed stone manufactured locally, brick and render.
The scheme was awarded a Gold Award for Secured by Design.

13 Affordable Homes, Barton St David (Award Nominated)

Winsley White Ltd were asked to identify a site in Barton St David. This scheme would address an identified housing need in the area.

Working with the Housing Association and the local councils a site was identified, acquired and after a detailed design stage the site commenced.

The houses were timber frame and clad in a reconstructed stone product which the planners accepted as an acceptable alternative to natural stone. All of the homes met the standards for Code Level 3, Secured by Design, Lifetime homes and all of the HA’s own design standards.

10% reduction in carbon was achieved with the installation of photovoltaic cells.

12 Affordable Homes for rent Meare (LABC AWARD WINNING)

Winsley White Ltd identified the housing need and came up with a scheme working in partnership with the Housing Association and local authorities.

The 12 Homes were timber frame and clad in a reconstructed stone manufactured locally. As there is no gas in the village, air source heat pumps were used.
The homes achieved code level 3, secured by design standards, lifetime homes standards as well as meeting all of the HA’s design standards.

12 Affordable Homes, Hales Close/Monksford Lane, Wookey (Award Nominated)

10 Affordable/Shared Ownership Homes, Lewis Close, Chilcompton

10 Affordable Homes, Merrick Fields, Chilcompton

8 Affordable Homse, The Ricklands, Winford, North Somerset (Award Nominated)

In partnership with English Rural Housing Association Winsley White successfully completed this development of 8 new homes. 4 Flats and 4 Houses were finished in late 2014. This development was nominated for the LABC Building Excellence awards.